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Stubben Easy Control Pelham Bit 2241

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Pelham Stubben Easy Control Bit 

  • 5 sizes: from 105 to 145mm

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Advantages of the “EASY CONTROL” pelham:
• Effective impact thanks to the blocking effect (similar to a bar)
• Quick and easy communication between rider and horse
• Optimal effect even with minimal movement of the rein. Ideal for all difficult horses.
• The “EASY CONTROL” bit is especially popular for jumping.
• With aggressive bits horses are often too careful and with that too slowly. This negative effect does not appear with the "EASY CONTROL" bit.
• Thanks to the blocking effect of the "EASY CONTROL" bit, communication can be very intense if desired. As soon as the horse accepts the help, the bit takes a very pleasant position in the horse's mouth.
• This special effect eases the training of young horses. The trainers talk about the self-study effect, because as soon as the horse notices the blocking effect of the “EASY CONTROL” bit, he calms down.
• The “EASY CONTROL” bit offers the rider the possibility of direct communication without strong pressure from the rein.

Advantages of Pelham:
• Can be used with one or two reins.
• Traction and leverage can be applied in a very controlled manner.

Advantages of the Pelham side parts:
• The specialty of Pelham from Stübben STEEL tec is the very short branch.
• This short temple offers the possibility of a quick impact already with a small movement of the rein. This is very useful for jumping, especially on tight turns.
• The flat stainless steel curb hooks prevent pinching of the lips.
• The curb hooks are very easy to apply a chain too.

Pony width: 10.5 / 12.0 cm
Branches: 4 cm
Net thickness: 12 mm

Width: 12.5 / 13.5 / 14.5 cm
Branches: 5 cm
Net thickness: 14 mm

Stübben est une marque de tradition artisanale de produits de matériel d‘équitation de qualité.

Les mors de la marque Stubben sont reconnus pour leur technique et leur qualité bénéficiant de plus de 20 ans d’experience.

Trouvez votre bonheur parmi la large gamme Stubben et bénéficier du meilleur rapport qualité/prix.


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