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Horseware Rambo Ionic Leg Wraps

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Horseware Rambo Ionic Leg Wraps ideal for tissue stimulation, strengthening and support, Full or X-Full

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Exterior Resistant polyester, blend of absorbent cotton, interior 400g fiber.

Improves the circulation of blood in your horse's limbs while it is under the bandage.

Can be used as cotton leg wraps for the night.

Sizes: Full or X-Full

What is Ionic technology?

Rambo Ionic harnesses the power of tourmaline, a naturally occurring crystal that, when reduced to a powder, releases an electrical charge that converts molecules in the surrounding air into negative ions, for positive results.

Rambo Ionic works for horses and humans alike via stimulation, strengthening and support.


• Stimulates and regulates the circulatory system and increases the capacity of cells to absorb and use oxygen.

• Helps improve cell permeability, promoting a higher metabolic rate.

• Helps accelerate the oxidation of serotonin in the blood, helping to regulate mood and relieve pain.

• Helps regulate enzyme activity.

• Affects the configuration of water molecules in the blood, improving their hydration capacity, making body fluids more mobile, increasing and improving their circulation.


• Increasing the levels of oxygen in the blood and speeding up its distribution to the brain improves concentration.

• Increasing oxygen levels in muscle tissue increases energy.

• Altered enzyme activity can stimulate the body's natural defenses and the immune system.

• Negative ions contribute to strengthening the production of collagen.


• Improving blood circulation can lower blood pressure.

• Promotes the elimination of toxins from the body.

• Regulates the pH of body fluids

As thermography tests show, Rambo Ionic significantly improves circulation. This increase in circulation can improve the body's recovery capabilities.

Type ProduitMassage et magnétisme

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