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Alodis Care Focus Control

Alodis Care Alodis Care


  • Contains: 200g
  • Texture: Balm

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The Focus Control from Alodis Care is a balm to put on the nostrils that brings concentration and serenity.

It will reduce your horse's anxiety, nervousness and fatigue.

This balm will bring a calming while rebalancing the nervous system.

It allows the horse to stay focused during work, thanks to the essential oils it will have a powerful calming effect.

Thus it acts as a tonic and invigorates to combat physical fatigue.

*Contains: 200g

*Texture: balm


15min before work or a risky episode, use a small hazelnut size amount on the edge of each nostril
if needed up to 3 times a day
Competition safe

*Composition: 100% natural and pure beeswax (no pesticide residue) / vegetable oil

0% additive, 0% preservative, 0% paraben, 0% silicone, 0% synthetic fragrance.


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