CSO Double-Jointed Cyprium Bit Expand

CSO Double-Jointed Cyprium Bit

Alain Ventre Alain Ventre


CSO Alain double-jointed bit. The middle is in cyprium olive, 19mm barrels, 2 sizes. Delivery within a week if available at Alain Ventre.

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180,00 €

tax incl.

  • Classic appearance

  • Easy to use for all disciplines

  • Gives control in the release

  • Preserves the mouth in case of excessive tension on the reins

  • Allows better communication with the horse

  • Present on prestigious competitions: 3,500 copies sold in C.S.I

To be used with the Alain Ventre bridle or any other bridle with a grackle noseband on which the adaptation straps will be mounted.

Sizes: 125 or 135

The principle of the net: The action of the hand is returned flexibly and efficiently to the noseband. The mouthpiece slides relieving the mouth. The horse remains calm and the rebound increases. So the material is simple and more educational, because the contact of the bit remains soft, even when the tension of the reins is important.

MarqueAlain Ventre
Type ProduitMors et filets

Le matériel breveté de mors et filets Alain Ventre vous permet de développer une meilleure relation avec votre cheval tout en conservant le contrôle.

Ces filets et embouchures, adoptés par de nombreux grands cavaliers en France et à l'étranger,  vous aideront rapidement à évoluer avec votre cheval, au travail et en concours.


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