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Single Jointed Curb Gag

Alain Ventre Alain Ventre


Alain Ventre bit, small hollow stainless steel rings (85mm), soft mouth, 2 sizes. Delivery within a week if available at Alain Ventre.

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  • Classic appearance
  • Easy to use for all disciplines
  • Gives control in the release
  • Preserves the mouth in case of excessive tension in the reins
  • Allows better communication with the horse

All trainers and riders agree that you need control with simple equipment.
This inventive and patented bit encourages the development of a better relationship with the horse. The secret of this bit is that is completely different from the others is its system.

It is a leather curb chain, controlled directly by the reins, which is effective in flexing the horse, without being aggressive. The reins slide smoothly in the rings of the bit, reducing resistance with the mouth. When the horse gives in, it is in the comfort of almost freedom.
Meaning you benefit from the potential of your horse quicker!

Since its creation, this bit has been adopted by many French and foreign riders of all levels, in all disciplines: show jumping, Dressage, CCE, Endurance, TREC, Ethological riding, Polo, etc ...

In particular, this bit, authorized in horse show jumping competitions (amateurs and pros), appears on national and international circuits, including the Grand National, the World Cup and the Global Champions Tour ... as well as in major events. Complete Riding Competition, CCE PRO1, CCI and European Championship of Fontainebleau 2009. For use of the horse, without disturbing it, small rings are recommended.

Conversely, in the spirit of "training" a horse, choose the large rings, for more power. Use the large rings with two pairs of reins. The hollow, smooth and basic stainless steel mouthpiece improves horses without any problem. Solid stainless steel, which is heavier, for an advanced horse, stabilizes the grip. The soft resin provides a soft feeling with the horse's mouth. The double-barreled mouthpiece allows the horse to be better channeled.

  • Sizes: 125 or 135
MarqueAlain Ventre
Type ProduitMors et filets

Le matériel breveté de mors et filets Alain Ventre vous permet de développer une meilleure relation avec votre cheval tout en conservant le contrôle.

Ces filets et embouchures, adoptés par de nombreux grands cavaliers en France et à l'étranger,  vous aideront rapidement à évoluer avec votre cheval, au travail et en concours.


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