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Poponcini Simple Bit

Poponcini Poponcini


Single Poponcini bit - blue colour, 2 sizes: 125 and 135mm

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130,70 €

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Simple Poponcini bit in flexible resin (corresponds to the harmony 1 range).

Poponcini bits have a reinforcement with a brass ring to allow the rings to turn easily. They also feature mini washers molded into the bit for added comfort.

The inside of the bit is made of a flexible steel cable. The rubber provides a smoother contact with the horse's mouth. This bit is therefore very flexible, which makes it possible to reduce as much as possible the pressure undergone by the mouth of your mount.

The single bit is a soft mouthpiece, it can be used daily.

Poponcini Bits produit des mors pour l’équitation en résine et en caoutchouc de différents types.


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