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On La Mouillère Shoe

La Mouillere La Mouillere


Various colors

Various sizes: XXS (36/37) / XS (38/39) / S (39/40) / M (41/42) / L (43/44) XL (45/47)

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49,00 €

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The wet has many advantages:

Economical: The wetness protects your shoes and thus prolongs their life.

Comfortable and safe: The wetness improves grip on the ground and keeps feet dry.

Practical: With no difference between right and left foot, the wiper is easy to put on and take off and adapts to a large number of shoe models, men or women.

Adaptable: The wiper can be worn on any type of wet surface and in all environments: in town or in the countryside, on the beach or on the grass, while walking, on the bike, scooter, motorbike or while driving a car, on the boat, in the garden, and also widely used to ride a horse.

Type ProduitChaussant

La Mouillère est une sur chaussure homme femme élégante qui protège vos chaussures


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