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Dy'on Dressage Bridle with Wide Strap, Swarovski and Noseband

Dy On Dy On


  • 1 Leather colour: black
  • 4 noseband colours (Black / Black, Black / White, Varnish / Black, Varnish / White)
  • 3 Cob, Full or X-Full sizes

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Dy'On Dressage Wide Noseband Strap

This bridle is the benchmark for being chic in the dressage arena. Its look is very dressage while being very comfortable for your mount. The headrest is flexible and cut at the ears. Its noseband is pull back and fully padded to be very soft in contact with your horse. It is also wide since it is 3.8cm wide. Its noseband comes in 4 different combinations to meet your needs as best as possible. The browband is decorated with Swarovski and the sides are in round leather. The stitching is the same tone as the leather and the buckles are made of stainless steel.

• Sold with 2 additional sides (2.5cm +) and a throat lash extension.

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Dy’on propose un large choix de produits innovants pour le cavalier et son cheval tout en conservant l’esthétisme. Dy’on assure un choix de matériaux de qualité et une fabrication irréprochable. Retrouvez notre sélection de mini-chaps Dy’on ainsi que la briderie Dy’on.


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